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Hacksmiths is the student-run tech society at Goldsmiths. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people in all departments and from all backgrounds the chance to learn about, and play with, technology.

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Monthly talks & workshops

A range of interesting content from students, staff and industry professionals. Suitable for complete beginners.

Hackathons & jams

Invention marathons which bring together people with varying skills to build awesome projects. Suitable for all skill levels.


A social event series for women and non binary people interested in technology at goldsmiths. Suitable for all skill levels.

Community Series

Supporting students and staff to run their tech events with mentorship and funding.

Hacksmiths Community Series

Get mentorship, support, exposure and budget to run your tech-focussed events

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Learn valuable skills in a friendly and supportive environment

We really want to support every student at Goldsmiths to build their skills. Every event is suitable for beginners - so feel free to come along, ask questions and make friends.

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Becoming a member as a Goldsmiths student not only gives you access to all of our events, but also gives you the ability to have a say and vote in our annual general meeting.

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