This is our hardware lab.

You'll find this equipment ready to use at Code & Craft and our hackathons.

5x Sparkfun Redboards

The RedBoard development platform from SparkFun can be programmed over a USB mini-B cable using the Arduino IDE. Just plug in the board, select "Arduino UNO" from the board menu, and you’re ready to upload code. RedBoard has all of the hardware peripherals you know and love.

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1x Bare Conductive Touch Board

Touch Board can turn almost any material or surface into a sensor by connecting it to one of its 12 electrodes, using conductive paint or anything conductive. Touch Board is a tool to make your projects interactive, responsive, smart or just fun. It’s designed as an easy-to-use platform for a huge range of projects.

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1x Bare Conductive Pi Cap

The Pi Cap adds precise capacitive touch, proximity sensing and high quality audio to Raspberry Pis. The Pi Cap Raspbian package contains code examples for C++, Python and Node.js.

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1x Grove Starter Kit Plus – IoT Edition

Contains plug-and-play components, including touch, light, sound, temperature and vibration sensors, an accelerometer, LEDs, a buzzer and a stepper motor with driver. You can use jumper cables to connect these directly to our microcontrollers.

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2x Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Pocket Operators are small, ultra portable music devices, with studio quality sound and the flexibility to make music on the go. affordable for everyone and compatible with all other music gear.

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1x Estimote Location Beacons Development Kit

Estimote Beacons are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness. This kit has 3 beacons.

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3x LEAP Motion Sensors

The Leap Motion Controller captures the movement of your hands and fingers so you can interact with your computer in a whole new way. Swipe, pinch or grab in the air and magically see your actions on your screen. Thank you to Major League Hacking for donating these.

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1x Flotilla Mega Treasure Chest Kit

Flotilla is a range of smart, friendly, and affordable modules that you connect together to create amazing projects that can sense and react to the world around them. They're all plug-and-play, and powered by a Respberry Pi. Thank you to Kevin Lewis for donating this kit.

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